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Events | November 29, 2023
1 minute read

Virtual Roundtable — EV Charging Stations at Your Company: Key Opportunities and Considerations

Wednesday, November 29, 2023
12:00 noon – 1:00 p.m. ET
Virtual Roundtable Event

Join us for a virtual roundtable featuring Warner Norcross + Judd LLP attorneys Tom Manganello, Mike Stone, Kurt Brauer, Andrew Reside and Chris Predko as they discuss electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at company worksites. Companies are providing EV charging stations at workplaces for visitors and to attract and retain key talent who are environmentally conscious and lean toward cutting-edge technology. As EVs become more popular, it’s also important for companies to consider adding charging stations for sustainability reasons. Understandably, there are questions to answer before investing in EV charging stations, and Warner is here to help!

Register for this webinar by clicking on the link below. We look forward to seeing you soon!


Moderator: Thomas Manganello, Partner, Warner Norcross + Judd LLP

12:00 p.m.     

Leveraging Incentives and Grants to Accelerate the Transition from ICE to EV/Hydrogen
Kurt Brauer, Partner, Warner Norcross + Judd LLP
Michael Stone, Senior Counsel, Warner Norcross + Judd LLP

•  The Defense Production Act
•  The Federal Manufacturers Conversion Grant (DoE)
•  State and local funding sources.

12:20 p.m.     

EV Charging Stations: Important Considerations
Andrew Reside, Associate, Warner Norcross + Judd LLP

•  Benefits to employees and customers.
•  Possible incentives to offset installation or electric service.
•  Important considerations such as location, maintenance and liability.

12:35 p.m.     

Product Liability, Safety and Regulation of EV Charging Stations
Christopher Predko, Partner, Warner Norcross + Judd LLP

•  Who will regulate charging station safety?
•  Who is liable if injuries occur at the charging stations?