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Publications | July 27, 2017
3 minute read

References, Tools and Techniques: Exploring Warner’s Trusts and Estates Webpage

Here at Warner Norcross, the Trusts and Estates Practice Group is consistently striving to find new and innovative ways to meet the needs of our clients. This newsletter, aimed at keeping our clients abreast of new and relevant estate planning topics, is one of those ways. Another way is through our development and cultivation of a fully-accessible and user-friendly Trusts and Estates Practice Group page on the Warner Norcross website. In addition to providing information about our professionals and their areas of focus, the page offers useful tools, references and publications, all designed to help our clients navigate the often complex world of estate planning.

Beginning in the Reference section, clients can locate basic information on common estate planning issues. For example, the basics of funding a living trust and tips for traditional IRA planning are covered in the reference section. Designed to provide a basic overview of our most commonly searched topics, clients can use the reference section to obtain a succinct, yet thorough, overview of topics, without getting bogged down by the details.  

Just below the reference section, clients will locate the Tools and Techniques section. This section contains links to more detailed information on topics of specific interest. Highlighting sophisticated planning techniques utilized by our attorneys, this section contains links to information about irrevocable life insurance trusts, qualified personal residence trusts and grantor retained annuity trusts. It also provides information on entity options designed to manage family wealth, including family limited liability companies, family limited partnerships and private foundations. For individuals considering a particular planning technique or simply looking to explore their options, the Tools and Techniques section is a great place to start.

Finally, clients have full access to our Publications section, which includes nearly 200 articles on topics ranging from cottage planning to 529 accounts to domestic asset protection trusts. The majority of these articles were written by our trusts and estates attorneys, and are designed to provide our clients with insight into both complex planning issues and every day topics of concern. These publications also branch out beyond the traditional trusts and estates realm, reaching into related areas such as probate litigation and small business succession planning. 

If a client is curious about a particular estate planning matter, an article addressing that topic can likely be found in the Publications section.

While the Trusts and Estates Practice Group page is not designed to be a substitute for customized legal advice provided by our attorneys, it is a great resource for anyone considering the use of a particular planning tool, seeking additional information on a wealth management technique or simply looking to expand his or her knowledge of asset protection and transfer. The Trusts and Estates Practice Group page of the Warner Norcross website is found at We encourage you to explore it today.