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Blogs | April 21, 2015
1 minute read

MSC confirms that courts must consider the best interest of the child before revoking an acknowledgement of parentage

Because an order revoking acknowledgement of parentage sets aside a paternity determination, the Michigan Supreme Court held in Helton v. Beaman, No. 148927, that a trial court must always determine the best interest of the child before entering such an order.  In doing so, the Court overruled In re Moiles, 303 Mich. App. 59 (2013), agreeing with the majority and concurring authors in Helton that In re Moiles wrongly held that no best interest determination was required.  The court had already reversed In re Moiles on other grounds.  Our blog post on that reversal can be found here.  Curiously, the Supreme Court entered its decision in Helton by order rather than opinion, even though it already granted leave and received briefing and oral argument.