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Publications | May 5, 2021
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Michigan COVID-19 Update: Larger Capacities and Reduced Mask Requirements

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) issued a new Gatherings and Face Mask Order (New Order) on May 4, 2021, that takes effect on Thursday, May 6, 2021, at 12:01 a.m. and extends through May 31, 2021, at 11:59 p.m. The April 16, 2021, Gatherings and Face Mask Order (Prior Order) will remain in effect until this New Order is effective.

Vaccination Update

In Michigan’s Vacc to Normal Plan, summarized here, Michiganders can return to in-person work beginning two weeks after 55% of Michiganders who are at least age 16 have received their first dose of a COVID‑19 vaccination. As of the release of the New Order, Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s office noted that 39.3% of Michigan residents 16 and older had been fully vaccinated for COVID‑19, and 50.6% had received a first dose. Additional information on the total vaccines delivered and administered statewide is available at Michigan’s COVID‑19 Vaccine Dashboard.

Residential Gatherings

Residential outdoor gatherings are still generally limited to 50 people. However, residential gatherings of up to 300 people are now allowed if density does not exceed 20 persons per 1,000 square feet of usable outdoor space.

Entertainment and Recreational Facilities

The New Order permits outdoor events with larger capacities for entertainment and recreational facilities and for sports stadiums and arenas that hold events outdoors.
Capacity limits for outdoor entertainment, recreational facilities, outdoor stadiums and arenas remain at no more than 1,000 persons. That capacity is increased to 1,500 persons for an outdoor stadium or arena with a fixed seating capacity of 10,000 or greater without enhanced protocols. These outdoor entertainment, recreational facilities, outdoor stadiums and arenas may exceed the current 1,000 or 1,500 person limit if the venue establishes and posts a safety plan consistent with the MDHHS Large Outdoor Event Guidance. If a venue adopts such a plan, then the gathering may increase up to the greater of: 1) 20% of the venue’s fixed seating capacity; or 2) 20 persons per 1,000 square feet.

Additional Exceptions to the Requirement for a Face Covering

The New Order does not require face coverings for individuals who:

  • Are participating in non-contact sports practice or competition outdoors. 
  • Are at an outdoor gathering with fewer than 100 persons, unless otherwise required to mask as an organized sport participant. 

Otherwise, the New Order is generally consistent with the requirements of the Prior Order. Additional guidance on those requirements can be found here and here.

Helpful Links

In addition, below are links to summaries issued by the MDHHS:

You can also find information at and
Warner continues to follow COVID‑19 updates. For additional information or questions about the New Order or any COVID‑19-related issues, please contact a member of our COVID‑19 service team: Michael Azzi, Amanda Fielder, Monique Field-Foster, Homayune Ghaussi, Matthew Johnson or Ford Turrell.