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Events | April 22, 2016
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Data Solutions Spring Symposium

Hosted By: Warner

Location: Baronette Renaissance Hotel, 27790 Novi Rd., Novi, MI 48377

Join us for a half-day of updates, best practices and networking on records information management, data security/privacy and eDiscovery topics. The symposium will conclude with a networking lunch.

8:15 - 9:00 am         Registration
9:00 - 10:15 am Who's Responsible: A Data Breach Case Study
Even as companies collect and store more and more data, the risk of data breaches continues to increase. In this tabletop exercise, our panel will discuss a breach scenario involving a cloud vendor, exploring the legal and practical issues involved, starting with the initial contracting for cloud services and then working through the data breach incident, investigation, remediation and notification process. Our panel will include attorneys and IT professionals and we will entertain questions from the audience.

10:25 - 11:15 am Round One Breakout Sessions

eDiscovery: What Role Should an Organizations IT Department Play in the Discovery Process?
Is it possible for an organization to adequately preserve, collect and produce data in response to litigation or investigation without the IT Department’s early involvement? Almost never. This session will discuss when and how an organization’s IT Department should be involved in the discovery process. We will also provide recommendations on training and software tools for IT Department personnel.

Records Information Management: Utilizing Technology Assisted Review to Reduce an Organization’s Redundant, Obsolete and Trivial Data
Big data is causing big headaches for companies. The average employee now has 31 gigabytes of data, which can translate into nearly 65,000 Word documents, more than 100,000 e-mails and upwards of 165,000 Excel documents. These headaches are unlikely to go away anytime soon when you factor in the statistic that data is doubling every 18 months. This session includes a discussion of best practices for the legal disposal of outdated and unnecessary data and how to leverage Technology Assisted Review tools.

Data Privacy/Security: Privacy and Security Update
Privacy law continues to evolve at the state, federal and international level.  In this session, we’ll bring you up to date with the latest developments in privacy and security law, including statutory and regulatory developments in the U.S., the European Union and other countries, legal fall-out from recent data breaches and the implications of recent enforcement actions.

11:20 - 12:10 pm Round Two Breakout Sessions

eDiscovery: Internal Corporate Investigations - Using Tools to Discover the Truth Quickly and Inexpensively
Getting your arms around the relevant data and quickly understanding the good, the bad and the ugly is essential for a successful internal corporate investigation. Effective utilization of software tools will reduce the scope and costs associated with data review projects by at least 25 to 50%. For example, Relativity’s powerful analytics can be used in several ways to identify relationships between documents. This session will include a step by step demonstration of Relativity’s data analytics for an internal investigation.

Records Information Management: Building a Business Case for Information Governance Improvements
IG is defined as an organization’s efforts to define and operationalize programs and improve processes that enable defensible disposal of unnecessary data, increase business and eDiscovery efficiency, and to ensure that regulatory obligations for information are satisfied. It is impossible to create and maintain an effective IG program without top-down leadership support. This session will provide guidance on how to secure that top-down support by developing a compelling IG business case.

Data Privacy/Security: Is Your Privacy Policy Up-to-Date?
As privacy law evolves, so must your website privacy policies. In this session, we’ll focus on issues that you need to address in your website privacy policies in response to recent statutes and regulations, litigation and regulatory enforcement actions.

12:10 pm Networking Lunch