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Publications | November 25, 2019
2 minute read

Attorney Spotlight – William Lentine

What kind of law do you practice, and what do you enjoy about it?

I practice business, tax, and trusts and estates law. This allows me to work with closely held and family business owners over the entire lifecycle of a business, and help with other needs related to running a business such as succession planning and estate planning. I love helping owners transition their businesses to the next generation, or to a new owner, with the knowledge that the company they built will continue on in good hands. I enjoy building relationships with my clients that last for years, getting to know them and their families personally, and journeying with them through the good and the bad times.

Tell us about your journey to becoming an attorney.

My journey was a little longer because I didn’t start out as an attorney. I started as a CPA in Chicago, and worked several years in the accounting department of an international law firm. While at the firm, I provided tax guidance on several international merger and acquisition deals, and I realized that the legal part of these transactions was of great interest to me. I decided to go to law school, and when I started practicing law, I was able to put my tax skills to work helping people run their businesses, plan their legacies and transfer their businesses upon retirement.  

What made you decide to join Warner Norcross + Judd?

I knew couple of attorneys at Warner, and one day I had a chance to sit down and chat informally with several others. I quickly realized that this was a group of talented people who were driven to excel for their clients. The surprising part was that they were all about teamwork, and they all really liked working with each other and working at Warner. I knew then I wanted to be here, where I could provide a wonderful experience for my clients.  

What are your hobbies and interests?

I have four children, so much of my non-working time is spent on family activities such as trips, sports and outside activities. I coach kids’ soccer and play some recreational soccer once in a while. My hobby right now is participating in an occasional triathlon, where I’m trying to improve a little each year. My dream hobby is to be able to learn to fly fish, but that one is probably still a few years away.