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Resources, Energy and Environmental Law

Environmental regulations and dramatic changes in energy and resource development have the potential to impact every business. This reality, coupled with intensifying focus on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues, create potential risks and opportunities. When the world’s leading companies need help navigating this space, they turn to Warner for trusted and strategic environmental counsel that will allow them to comply and thrive. From manufacturing to mining and natural resource development, Warner leverages its expertise and experience to deliver best-in-class legal representation to its clients.

Confidently Carving New Paths for Our Clients

Blazing trails in business can often seem like crashing through too much tangled brush. It can be easier to wait and go second, to let someone else clear the path. We see this as a lost opportunity. Our clients don’t settle for second place, and they don’t have that sit-around-time to waste. So, we regularly tackle and master “first impression” matters in this space – from unusually complex permitting challenges and new regulatory programs to novel chemical cleanups or the completion of projects like the first new primary nickel mine in the United States. We’re comfortable going first. The others can follow.

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Strengths Snapshot

  • Permitting, compliance and enforcement for air, waste or water
  • Brownfield management, cleanup and remediation
  • Project development/economic incentives
  • Advocacy and lobbying
  • Due diligence and self-auditing
  • Mining and natural resource development
  • Regulation of “new” chemicals
  • Energy development, including solar, water and wind
  • Land use and zoning