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Recruiting and Retaining Women and Diverse Attorneys

We work hard to ensure that women and minority attorneys develop successful careers with us. Our Career Development Program guides associates in the development of goals and professional skills. The program includes a curriculum of more than 50 courses to help associate attorneys attain the knowledge and skills they need to successfully advance in the practice of law and develop rewarding careers. The courses are taught by Warner Norcross & Judd partners and associates and are supplemented by other presenters.

Each of our Practice Groups is charged with creating a model career plan and providing a mentor to guide associates in their development. We employ a full-time Director of Professional Development, an attorney who works with each associate to create a personalized program and establish important formal and informal mentoring relationships. We recognize that mentoring is a key component in successful legal practices. 

We track every work assignment given to our associates and review them periodically to ensure that each associate receives the opportunity to work on career enhancing projects.  We closely monitor the progress of each associate against the milestones of the model career plan established in each of our practice areas.

Our flextime employment policy enables talented lawyers to balance their strong commitment to the practice of law with family and other responsibilities. Our policy is designed to help associates find the necessary balance while continuing to advance toward partnership. At any given time, we have a small handful of attorneys on flextime.